Tuesday, April 8, 2014

We have 2 areas.....might as well add another right? March 3 2014

So as some of you know.. Transfers are coming up next week.

So you will imagine our surprise of getting a call from the assistants to the president last night at 10 20. 

We were told that Sister Wolfgramm needed to pack her bags and be at the mission office at 8 AM the next morning. They informed us that I would be going to back to my area with Sister Pace and Cotton (they are the other sisters serving in the family ward I am over)

I am sad that my Sister Wolf is leaving me.. She is a wonderful missionary and has become a great friend to me. I really wish her the best and know that we will see each other again after the mission. :) 
So to make a long story short...for the next week before transfers I will be with them and we will be in charge of 3 areas!! We will have to do some really clear planning and it will be hard.. but I am excited. These Sisters are awesome and I will love getting to know them better. Sister Cotton was another Visa Waiter for Brazil who has decided to stay in Texas. So we can bond on that level. :) 

So this week is going to be one of the most interesting weeks of my mission. :P I am just glad that I get to stay in my area! I am also really excited to see who my new companion is going to be. :) I made President Ashton promise to give me someone who would be a hardworker! :) So get ready for more awesome adventures in the coming months!!

This week we really had miracle after miracle in the work. We decided to go and visit an inactive YSA girl in the Seabrook area and when we got there she was there with one of her friends. They were both very willing to talk to us and then wanted to come to FHE tonight and meet more people!! We are confident that Ashley will come back to church and that her friend Dane will enter the waters of baptism soon. :) Isn't it crazy how God works sometimes?

We also were able to talk to a lot of Less actives in the family ward and one of the less actives brought her non-member husband to church. :)

Things are happening and God is STILL working miracles. 

I am so grateful for all the blessings I have been given. I know God is aware of me. I know He knows my heart. He knows the desires that I have to serve and I pray that I will more fully recognize the ways that He is helping me in my life. 

Never doubt your Father in Heaven. He is real and He is listening to you. :) It is such a wonderful thing and I am so blessed to be able to tell others about it. :) 

Sorry I don't have time to tell you more! Just know that I am doing fantastic and I love you all. :)

Don't forget to smile! 
-Sister Earl

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