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The church is true, meu amigo. :) March 24 2014

Hey ya'll! 

As I look back on this week I can't help but feel the tears of gratitude start to build up behind my eyes. So many blessings are being poured out on Sister Winger and I in our area that I can hardly even believe it all happened!!

First of all I just have to share one of my very personal tender mercies of the Lord. The family is very important to God. He puts us in families so that we can learn and become who He knows we can become. Our earthly families help us to picture and internalize our heavenly family. My earthly family means the world to me. I have an absolutely adorable and hilarious set of parents and then a handful of siblings that all have their very unique and important part to play. I am the oldest in my family, but I have learned so much from each of my siblings that I know they each are very important and special to our Heavenly Father.  

Since I have been on my mission I have felt the ties to my family grow stronger. I know that I can be with them forever and I am excited to bring that knowledge and power to others. I find myself thinking of the quote, "Missionaries leave their families for a time so others can be with theirs for eternity." I feel so much appreciation for this truth.

Anyway, despite how much I know that I will see my family again and I get to be with them for eternity.. I still sometimes miss them. :) My brother this past week left the MTC and flew to Mexico to have his 2 year mission. I knew that me coming on a mission would mean that I could not see my brother for about 3 years or so, but I still was a little sad that I couldn't wish him luck in person as we went out to help people. 

Then a couple weeks ago I get an email saying that he was going to be flying to the Houston airport for a layover before he flew to Mexico! I was so excited!! At first my mission president told me that I would not be able to see him, but on Sunday night of last week I got a text message from President Bergeson (the 1st counselor) saying that Sister Liddle was going to take me to the airport to see my brother and that I should call her. I was obviously very confused. My first thought actually was, "Oh my goodness, my dad is working with his cousin to get me to the airport." haha After a quick call to the mission president to confirm that this was happening.. (and it was all good.. Not sure what happened to change it.. but I didn't ask questions :) ) I made plans and got to the airport! 

Sister Liddle who drove McKayla and her companion to the airport to see Jordan.  We love and adore Sister Liddle!!

The fact that I actually got to see him was a complete miracle. The 1st flight that was taking him to Houston got delayed so there was not going to be time to see him... and then it made up for time in the air so we had an opening. haha The airport people told me I was just going to have to wait behind this huge sound proof window and see if I could wave him down to come out of security, talk to me, and then have enough time to got back through security and get to his flight. The only thing I was hanging on to was that I had prayed about going to see him the night before and I felt like everything was going to work out. 

To make an already long story a tad bit shorter we waited behind the huge glass and the second I saw him my companion and I started to jump as high as we possibly could with our arms waving everywhere. He saw us and I got to talk to him for about 15 mins before he needed to go through security and get on the flight to Saltillo. :) It was a miracle. 

I know that God knows how I feel. He knows my desires and the things that worry me. He knew that I would be ok not seeing my brother for 3 years, but He loves me and provided a way for him to come in the airplane to Houston, on a P-day, with leaders and parents that know how to make things work out, and flight times that would make it so my brother would not miss his flight. He knows me and He loves me. I am so filled with gratitude and love! :) 

And THAT was only the beginning of the week!!! :)  

So pretty much my companion is the greatest companion ever. We are working together very well and we are building each other up. We have been working on talking to everyone we see this week and it has made for some very interesting encounters. 

I am not sure if you know this, but I am in Clear Lake Texas which is like 5 or 6 mins from NASA space center. Because of this there are people from ALL OVER the world  everywhere you go (and a lot of them are actually rocket scientists and stuff.. :P ) This week we talked to a guy from Russia who was in Texas because his son worked for NASA. We have talked to people from India, from China, from the Congo, from Brazil (personal favorite :) ) from Mexico, from .. everywhere! I absolutely love it! 

I have the chance to try and use my Portuguese all the time. Most of the time they are Spanish speakers, but they understand most of what I am trying to say. :) 

Culture and people characteristic are fascinating to me. I love Houston. 

On top of getting to talk to a ton of people we have been teaching many more lessons ever since we decided to start making some changes to the way we do missionary work. :) 

Our Father in Heaven is very involved with our lives. He knows us perfectly and personally and He has so much in store. Never doubt your divine heritage. You are children of God! Be happy and know that all knowledge and peace comes from Him. 

-Have a good week ya'll!
Love, Sister Earl

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