Monday, April 28, 2014

Transfer #5, oh and Happy Easter April 21 2014

Well I am officially staying in Clear Lake 2nd and Armand Bayou YSA branch for another 6 weeks! I am very excited and ready for another transfer!! :) Sister Winger and I still have mighty things to do in this part of the Lords Vineyard.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!! Yesterday was a day filled with the spirit and a huge humbling experience for me. In each of the sacrament meetings I attended there were some every heartfelt testimonies shared about our Savior, Jesus Christ. I could feel the love that he has for each of us. 

I know that Christ lived. He came to earth with a divine mission. Yes He came to set up his church and call apostles. Yes he came to heal the sick and perform miracles. Yes He did marvelous things that we get to read about while he was on the earth, but the only real reason He had to come down and be among us is because He had to perform the Atonement. No other person could bear the sins, sicknesses, and suffering of ever living soul. He was the only one that could do it and therefore he was sent to earth to carry out His Fathers will. 

I know that this happened. I can almost see our Savior in the garden of Gethsemane. I know He went there and that He prayed. He asked our Father if there was any other way, but He told Him that we would do it if it was His Fathers will for Him. He prayed and He felt everything I have gone through and everything I am currently going through. He already has felt all my pains and joys. My disappointments and excitements. He went through all that agony and he feels complete empathy for me. He understands and He just wants to lift me out of that so I don't have to go through it. He has a level of charity and long-suffering that I hope to one day understand, and eventually obtain.

He went through all that and was eventually crucified, by the people. He was rejected and despised for the goodness and truth that He brought the the world. 

Then on the 3rd day He took his life again. He lives and because of that truth He has made a way for all of us to live again. I know that we all will be resurrected. We will all live again and come before our God at the judgement bar, BUT if we want to stay there and live with Him forever we need to do something. 

Alma 42:13-16    13 Therefore, according to justice, the aplan of bredemption could not be brought about, only on conditions of repentance of men in this probationary state, yea, this preparatorstate; for except it were fothese conditionsmercy coulnot take effect except it should destroy the work of justice. Now the work of justice could not be destroyed; if so, God would ccease to be God.
 14 And thus we see that all mankind were afallenand they were in the grasp of bjustice; yea, the justice of God, whicconsigned them forever to be cut off from his presence.
 15 And now, the plan of mercy could not be brought about except an atonement should be made; therefore God himself aatoneth for the sins of the worldto bring about the plan of bmercyto appease the demands of cjusticethat God might be dperfectjust God,and emerciful God also.  

He asks us to repent!! He performed this marvelous all encompassing Atonement and he turns to us and all he asks is that we "confess and forsake" the things that we do wrong. As we change these things we feel better about ourselves and we understand our divine potential as children of God. 

We repent by stopping the things that are wrong and doing things that are right. Therefore that means that when we read our scriptures, go to church, or pray we are repenting. All of the commandments are ways that we have been given that allow us to be happy and access more of what Christ has already done for us. It is just incredible to think about how much love has gone into this plan our Father in Heaven made. 

I know all of this is true. Jesus Christ lives, so we can live better. 

As I have testified and taught about this wonderful plan this week my testimony has multiplied a million times. I know this is true. I challenge all of you to find out if this really happened and if Christ really is reaching out to you. Ask God in your prayers and He will tell you. 

Happy late Easter! ya know.. everyday is a good day to remember Christ. :) Everyday can be Easter! :)

-Sister Earl

and then some super random photos! yay! 

-interesting bumper sticker, sleeping, white board blessings, exchange with sister Susu, emailing...ya. :) 

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