Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Summer is coming April 14, 2014

This week the temperature shot up again and reminded me what my fate will be in the coming months. haah I am getting excited for it! (mainly because I feel like I will be more resilient this year.. but who knows?)
This was a good week. Sister Winger and I are working hard and making a difference here in Clear Lake and Armand Bayou. I love these people so much. I have been here for 4 transfers and I really just can't imagine leaving anytime soon, but I guess that next week I will find out what God as in mind for me. (transfers come faster and faster every time)
We have a new investigator named Lance who is just one of the coolest finding stories yet. We were walking in an apartment complex one afternoon and we saw these guys moving furniture so we stopped and asked, "Hey do ya'll need any help moving in?" They looked at us funny (two girls in skirts) and so I said, "Well we would love to help, but we can also call some other people if you need it." They laughed at us and just said, "Nah, its alright" So like the conversation always goes we eventually got into the conversation of how we were missionaries and that we share a message with everyone about how the gospel that Christ organized when he was on the earth has been brought back in its entirety. Lance was just so excited to hear this!! He was asking questions and getting more excited with each response. He told us how he has studied religion for a long time in and out of school. He finds it fascinating but has never found a church that he believes is true. While we were talking about the Restoration we told him how the priesthood was restored to Joseph Smith. Immediately his eyes got big and he said, "Wait, the priesthood of Aaron?" haha Yes the priesthood power that Aaron was given from God was restored or brought back to the earth. We talked to him about a lot of things and he would always have the knowledge from the bible to back up what we were saying!! He is very prepared!! Then he said, "Alright, when is our next appointment?!"

We will go back over this Thursday! We are very excited about it :)

Well this next week will be really awesome. We are looking forward to helping more people come closer to our Heavenly Father. It is times when I talk to people like Lance that I think, How many other people are only kept from the truth because they don't know where to find it? I know that this church is true. I know that this is the only church that has the power and authority from God to baptized us unto repentance. It is essential for us to know that for ourselves. I know God answers our prayers and that He really cares about us in our individual circumstances. :)

Never give up, your eternity has just begun!! (yes that was very cheesy, but it is so true!) :)
-Sister Earl

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