Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sister Earl's Email April 7 2014

Well even though I know most of you are expecting this comment I am going to say it anyway..


There was so many wonderful talks and from them I am able to see what direction God wants me to go from here. I love that we were about to spend 2 days learning about truth! Things that completely and totally matter for everyone. It is so amazing how much God loves his children isn't it? 

I had a lot of favorite talks so I don't really think I can pick my first choice, but I can say that right now I am thinking of Elder Ballards talk on the importance of Persistence and Follow-up. I love the invitations that he extended to each of us. He told us about studying Preach My Gospel and the scriptures then having members and missionaries share what they are learning! I can honestly say I would love to talk about things that you have been learning! When we share the things that we learn they benefit others and help ourselves to be more converted to the gospel. It has given me more of a desire to go out and do this wonderful work and it strengthens me everyday. 

I also really loved President Uchtdorfs talk on Gratitude. I am totally convinced that gratitude really can change everything. I have seen how when I choose to be grateful in whatever circumstance I find myself in that I am so much happier and am able to do so much more good with what I have been given. 

Goodness, I could go on forever, but I guess I will stop there. I cannot wait to get a conference ensign and read the talks again! :) hah

We have been seeing more and more miracles every week. Yesterday we realized that we had not found any new investigators this week. We prayed about it and felt like we could find 2 news on Sunday even with conference. To be honest I was not sure what was going to happen, but yesterday we were able to go with a member to  some of his friends and met a couple (Gloria and John) They were very nice and we were able to teach and we got a return appointment! 2 new investigators and these investigators have member friends already who are willing and excited to help them learn the gospel. 

That was a huge miracle. We didn't plan it out, but we were able to be lead because of our faith. :)

With our Heavenly Father nothing is impossible. :) 

I love all ya'll!
-Sister Earl

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