Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Clear Lake and Armand Bayou week.. something. :P February 24 2014

Hey people!
Just before I get started.. before I forget.. I have a funny story regarding Kendalls mission call to Louisiana.

Every Tuesday for the past 6 weeks or so we have been helping with a community family history class. It is held at the library and anyone is welcome to come and learn how to do family history. One of the leaders in the 1st ward comes and teaches and then the missionaries help people get started on how to find their ancestors. It is really awesome actually. I have loved getting to know how to use family search a little better (and I get to use some of the skills I learned at BYU in my family history class! YAY for using education!!) Anyway this past week I was working with a very nice African American lady from Louisiana. 

As soon as I learned she was from Louisiana I jumped on the opportunity to learn more about.

I said, "Oh wow actually my cousin is going to go on a mission for our church just like what I am doing right now and she is going to Louisiana!"

Lady "Oh giiiirl, she gonna love that."

Me: "Oh really?! Do you have any tips for her?"

Lady: " Mm well honey where in Louisiana?"

Me: "Baton Rouge I think.."

Lady: Oh girl she is smack in the middle of cajun town. (gets excited) She is gonna eat her some food!! 

So there you go. Apparently Louisiana is Cajun town. :) Cajun food is quite delicious actually. It is different, but oh so good. We have had gumbo, and all sorts of meats with rice. The food is spicy but.. she will probably get use to it.. maybe. :P Just get ready to party! :P 

There are tons of people from Louisiana here and all of them love to eat and have a good time. It will be awesome. I am excited for Kendall. :)

Besides the family history we had a lot of other awesome things happen. This week we actually got to see some of the Young Single Adults that we have been missing for a while. One of them is Kate Jackson. Kate is a very different person. She grew up in parts of the middle east, America, and elsewhere... She has traveled everywhere. She is a captain of a tug boat. She has a huge half wolf dog that is named tug boat and her house is full of things from her travels. (She is only like 29 years old!!) Talking to her is always so fascinating. She is working on a cookbook and is making her own soap and laundry detergent. She made us a strawberry/chocolate/mint pie that she just decided to throw together last second. :P We talked to her about her life a little and we related it to gospel things. I think she wants to come to church.. she just feels like she is too different. She is different.. but the gospel is for EVERYONE. 

It doesn't matter where you have been or what you have done. It doesn't matter where you grew up or what kind of interests you have. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can be found in any area of the world or any profession. You can be creative on your own or use pinterest for everything you do. You can be a working mom or a stay at home one. You can be a deep sea diver, or a miner; a rugby player or a comic book designer. It doesn't matter so much what you do as long as you have a testimony of the doctrine of Christ. We need diversity! God gave us our differences so when we come together we can help all sorts of people. 

So my challenge is if you feel like you don't fit in at church stop feeling that way! :) hah Go out of your way to make others feel welcome and loved. Always be looking for the one who needs your help and support. That is what Christ would do. 

Our Father in Heaven loves us and he loves our differences. There is not one perfect personality or one perfect way of doing things. Be yourself and lift ther others around you and you will find joy. I promise. 

Have a great one!
-Sister Earl 

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