Tuesday, April 8, 2014

February 10 2014

Hello everyone! Looking back on this week I realized that this week makes me super grateful for other weeks I have had. hah Not that this week was bad.. it was just different.
For example
1) Sister Wolfgramm was sick for a few days. This meant that I had to find people to go with me so I could always have a companion and also someone to be with her. This made for some crazy phone calls and weird splits where I was with the other sister missionaries, then a member, then meeting at the church to pick up Sister Wolfgramm. I couldn't help but think that that was the way that my mom felt sometimes when she was escorting us to our multiple activities growing up. So thanks Mom! I don't think I ever appreciated that enough. I am grateful that God was teaching me about that this week.
2) My teeth are not the strongest things in the world and this week when I was eating a chewy candy my left side tooth on the bottom just broke in half. Luckily it didn't hurt very bad and I was able to go into the dentist the next day. The dentist was very nice and quickly solved the problem taking out the old filling plus fractured tooth stuff and refilling it. :) He is also a member of our church and he decided to give me the filling free of cost. I was overly grateful and still think of how wonderfully kind that was everytime I use my new tooth! 
3) Because of all this craziness we were only able to teach 6 lessons total this week. That is WAAAAAYYYY below average and frankly a little embarrasing to admit so don't judge us. haah 
So I guess this means that this week can only get better.. right? :) Yes. that is the only option... it will eventually get better. Life always does. That is one of the things you can count on just because God loves you. :) Things get better even if you don't think they possibly could. Its all about faith and being patient. If you have even a little bit of those things then I testify things will improve.
God loves you never forget it!
Have a great one!
-Sister Earl

Front Row, L-R:  Sisters Ellis, Allen, Baer, Olson, Scott, Florence, Wilzbach, Susu, Workinger, Ritter, Carlson, Jaeger,
Niccolls, Jones, Howard Bearnson

2nd Row, L-R: Sisters Purnell, Knopf, Hogan, Gaither, Linton, Brock, Hansen, President Schmitt, Sister Schmitt, Sister Sheri Dew, President Ashton, Sister Ashton, Elli Ashton, Sister Barrow, President Barrow, Sister Owens, Sanders Morton, Claudia Duncan

3rd Row, L-R: Williams, Hubbard, Shill, Christensen, Ricks, Elmer, Mishler, Gudiel, Beltran, Hibbard, Pimentel, Wilson, Blume, Braziel, Duke, Crumpton, Cook, O’Neill, Gutierrez, Owens, Olsen, Parra-Galindo, Heckel, Dorian, Cordova, Vea, Perez

4th Row, L-R: Sisters Tauasa, Agavale, Fisi’iahi, Piutau, Pulu, Wolfgramm, Taylor, Cotton, Pace, Fisi’inaua, Peterson, Winger, Harris, Newman, Draper, Thompson, Jewett

Back Row, L-R, Sisters Earl, Hawkes, Hiatt, Sellers, Hinton, Duncan, Hailstone, McGrath, Christensen, Turner, Steenblik, Bonhard, Jackson, Haynes, Groves, Lister, Watkins, Green, Johnson, Savage, Huihahau.

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