Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March 18 2014 Rodeo and Transfers

So last week I did not write because I had the wonderful opportunity to do to the Rodeo!!

Sadly the actual bull riding and such didn't happen until 6 so we were only able to go on some rides, try some of the famous fried food, look at the animals, and get souvenirs.

We were able to go to the Rodeo with the other sisters in our district and also Amanda Stortz (Soon to be Y...SA member) drove us! It was so much fun. We parked a little bit away from the park and then took the metro to the entrance. Once you were inside there was food everywhere and tons of fried or barbecued food. The highlight of the day was actually right after I got a little whoozy on one of the rides. Two of the other sisters and I decided to go and look at the cowboy hats and take a little break from the rides. I was sitting down in the shade next to an older couple and their grandson. The conversation started with the wife saying, "So do you work here everyday?" (referring to my name tag) I said, " Oh I don't work here I am actually a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Have you heard of that church? They said. "uh no we don't think so." So I told them about how I was from Washington but here in Texas telling people about how to get closer to their Heavenly Father. They asked a couple questions about how long I had been in Texas and such when the guy said, "Well since this is your first time in Texas at the Rodeo you should get a cowboy hat!"

I said, "I know right! I should get one."

Guy: "No seriously, get yourself a hat, I'll pay for it."

So this very nice gentleman bought me and the other two sisters cowboy hats in exchange for our testimonies and a pass-a-long card. It was pretty awesome.

So on Wednesday I got my new companion Sister Winger! She is from Idaho and is an AWESOME missionary. I really love being with her and I know we are going to do some awesome things this transfer. We already have a baptismal date set for the 26th of April and we are talking to more and more people everyday.

Two of our new investigators this week were a couple that were outside playing with their 2 year old son. We started to talk to them and found out that he had seen a commercial for the Book of Mormon. He asked for one before we even finished telling him about it! They are so cool!

I know that this church is true and that it is the same exact church that Christ organized when he was here. I know that the power and authority to act for God has been brought back and that we need that power if we are to be baptized unto salvation. God speaks to us today through a modern day prophet. He has always worked through his prophets to tell us his plan and he does that today. I know that we have continued revelation given to us to help us and support us in our real life challenges. He loves us! He wants us to know of him!

Sister Earl

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