Sunday, June 29, 2014

Angleton Week 3 June 23 2014

Dear peoples!

Satan works too hard. 

Last week I had the mother of all colds and this week I had a huge allergic reaction to a spider bite that made my entire ankle swell up. By the time I slowed down enough to look at it in Relief Society on Sunday it looked like I had a golf ball on top of my ankle bone on the outside of my right foot. It was pretty freaky because usually when my ankle is that size it means that I twisted it or something so at first I was thinking.. "When did I trip and hurt my ankle?.. It doesn't feel like I hurt it.. It just stings.." I gestured to my companion to look at it and, bless her heart, she said.. "Soa(sister in Samoan) is your ankle always like that?" hahah I laughed and said, "not that I remember!" hah

But it is fine now.. just swollen and I am taking allergy medicine. :) These crazy bugs in Texas are just too much. 

Despite the golf ball in the ankle this week was really awesome!! 

We received a media referral for a Less Active from a missionary serving in North Carolina. She said that this was her best friend and she really wanted us to go by and make sure she had a Book of Mormon and invite her to church. So we went by one day and she let us in! We ended up getting to know her a little bit and then her boyfriend came over and we were able to teach him as well! Royce now has a baptismal date and is really excited to keep learning more!! :) It was such a cool experience. 

One of my favorite miracles this week was when we were trying to see a Less active in the ward but we ended up not catching her home. We looked down the street and about 2 houses down there was a lady that was trying to get a huge tool box out of her car. So we went to help her and ended up talking to her a little bit. After a few minutes a 16 year boy named Angel came outside and he joined the conversation almost immediately. It was obvious that he was more interested in learning than Trisha was.. especially near the end of the conversation when Angel asked us, "hey I don't want to sound weird, but can I have ya'll number so I can contact you and learn more about this?" YES!! 

We ended up coming back the next day and he told us how he had just attended a church camp a few weeks ago and he was praying to God that there would be some way for him to learn more and be able to attend a church that was right for him. He said that when he came outside. (the next day after praying btw) he just knew that God was answering his prayer. :) It was such a cool and humbling experience. 

Our Heavenly Father really works through us to bring His children unto Him. I know that this work is true. It has the real saving power called the priesthood and that Priesthood is given to us so that we can bless and help each other on our path back to Him. That authority and power is so important and it is something you can feel.

I love this work!
-Sister Earl

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