Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Transfer 10 week 6 June 2

So this morning was transfer calls and I found out that I will be getting transferred on Wednesday. I am not sure where I will be moved to, but I know it will be where I am needed. I am having a little bit of a hard time with this just because I love the 2nd ward and the YSA branch so much!!!!!! I have been here since November and I have really worked hard with these people. I can't imagine being anywhere else.. but I guess I don't have to imagine it because I will be there on Wednesday!

I have been taking pictures with all of my people since I love them all so much. :) 

This is the Nowak family! They are a semi-less active family that we have been teaching and helping to paint the house! They are awesome. I love them so much.

​This is Bishop Brower!! He is the bishop of the 2nd ward and the most excited person about missionary work I have ever met! He is always coming out with us and asking us how he can help more. I love him and Sister Brower so much! His catch phrase is "Catch the Wave!!"

​My lovely YSA relief society!! I will miss everyone so much. I am just glad that we have been able to become so close and some of them will be at BYU in the winter! :) 

​Madeline Rippstein!! She comes with us a lot and I love her!! :) She will be a TA for the anatomy class in the winter that I want to take!! 

​Tony Abquina! The guy who was baptized in the Phillipines by an Elder Earl and has been coming back to church in the 2nd ward! :) He is one of the funniest  and most humble guys I have ever met! 

I am just glad that I have gotten to serve with all of these wonderful people!! There are tons more pictures.. but I know they really only mean a lot to me.. haha :) 

Anyway, I hope ya'll are doing great and always remember that God is there for you! :) 

He works miracles everyday
-Sister Earl

​League City Zone!!! Me and the sister next to me (Sister Taylor) are getting transferred.. and the elder in the lst row with the green tie (Elder Carter) Everyone else is staying!!!

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