Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Transfer 10 week 5 May 28

Hello again!

(So if anyone actually was paying attention to the subject of these emails they might be confused as to why it went from transfer 9 to transfer 10.. well I realized I was off a transfer :/.. and it was actually really scary. I might have to stop putting the transfers in the subject area, just because it is starting to get a little too high for my liking.)

Anyway, so it was a really great week! 

If I were to sum everything up I would say.. It was the last week for a lot of my missionary buds (that was sorta sad), the recently reactivated couple the Callahan's' want us to come with them to the temple when they get sealed (they are so awesome), Sharon (a friend of several members living in our apartment complex) is more open to talking about religion instead of avoiding the conversation, and her daughter is always bugging her that she wants to go to church :), Amber is going to be baptized soon, we had like 10 members sign up to come out teaching with us!.. (which has been a slow process...) and things are only going to be better this next week! 

Transfers are next week and if me or Sister Winger get transferred I will be really surprised. We have a lot of work to do here and we are still learning a lot from each other. :)

Lately I have been having experiences were I feel like God is telling me that I need to be more humble. Pride really is a sneaky thing. It can come up in the weirdest ways and it can really only be detected if you are looking for it. As I have studied pride I have begun to see it more and more in my life. I have found that I need to be more humble in my prayers. When I say my personal prayers I tend to get really distracted and not really make them super meaningful.

So I am working on it and I am humbling myself, with the help of Heaven or course.

No tennis today! It has been dumping buckets of water all morning! :P I love this time of year. You never know when the sky is going to open up and drench everyone. :) It is always exciting. I am sure there will be stories next week. :)  

Rachel Goodson comes out with us a lot! She served a medical mission in Ecuador! She is awesome. 

We (Sister Cotton, Sister Taylor, Sister Winger and I) went to a Cajun restaurant with the Kellers and I had Seafood Gumbo! It was not as good as Genikas Gumbo, but it was alright. (oh and you might have noticed the sandwich with about an entire pack of bacon on it.. Oh Texas) :) ... I love it. :)


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