Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Transfer 9 week 2 May 5

Hey ya'll!

It has been another great week! So many things happen and then I find myself drawing a blank when I come to the computer.. haha 

We had a bunch of Ward activities this week that were really fun. The first thing was a preparedness fair where the community was invited to come to the building to hear about hurricane preparedness, gardening, couponing, nutrition, and then we had a booth on Spiritual Preparedness! It was awesome! We got to talk to all sorts of people from the neighborhood and shared with them how living the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help them to be prepared spiritually for the figurative/ and real storms that come into our lives. We were able to talk to some less active members and even handed out a couple Book of Mormons to the people who came by. It was a great activity. :) 

Then that night we had a Chili Cook Off in the ward!! Everyone brought their versions of chili and we had a contest! It was awesome chili AND we had 10 investigators there! What makes it better was members brought friends and family to us to meet us as the missionaries! It was such a wonderful night. Sister Winger and I were talking to different investigators the entire night trying to keep up with all the people that had come!! 

Sister Winger and I are actually going to go and play tennis with some members and investigators in a little bit so I don't have much time, but just know that things are going really good. :) :) I get to Skype home on Sunday for Mothers Day and I am excited! 

We are teaching more people and we have some baptisms coming up for sure. I feel so blessed to have so much truth in my life. I know that this church is true. I know it is true and nothing can take that knowledge away or make me doubt it. 

Love ya'll
-Sister Earl

1) if you notice we are having pancakes and Asparagus. haah It was an attempt to eat vegetables. It tasted pretty yummy! :P 
2) Jessica Heydorn is a YSA that comes with us a lot! She is awesome and preparing to go on a mission! She wouldn't smile though.. such is life. :P 
3) another temple picture! 
4) Cornbread Club crackers.. they were interesting. 


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