Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A new letter!!!

So my P-day has been changed!! Instead of Tuesdays (today) it has been changed to Fridays! Actually our entire schedule has been changed dramatically. But now our schedule is soooo much better so I am very very happy about it. The people in charge have us some time today to do a little laundry and send a sort message home so nobody freaks out about not getting an email. So here ya go. :P
This week is the halfway mark in my MTC experience. How weird right? I still feel like I should be the sister with the little orange dork dot on my name tag.. (Although my companions keep reminding me that I dont need to dot to be a dork) haha :P In the next couple weeks I will get my reassignment and I can honestly say that I am super excited about it. I decided I would give up a year and half of thinking about me to the Lord and he can do whatever he wants with that time. If that means I will be in Idaho or something for a little while then I hope I can find those people who are ready to hear the good news that I have.
Think about it. Who wouldn't want to hear that they have a divine and perfect Father in heaven who loves them so much he gave us all so much. Each time we mess up he gives us another chance. We see that again and again in our history. When people reject the prophets God will eventually call another prophet to build up his people. After Christ and His apostles were killed there was no authority from God on the earth people were confused and were searching for God. Most people had pieces of the truth and tried their best to do everything they could with that knowledge, but we are imperfect and need help from God. That is why Joseph Smith was called as a prophet in the latter days and that is why He gave us the Book of Mormon. It is simply because He loves us more than we can know!!! In fact He loves us so much that we can ask Him our questions. I testify that if you want to know something that sincere prayer works. I testify that God is real and that His Son Jesus Christ really died for us. He knows us and He wants us to know Him.
Thank you to everyone who has given me a letter so far. If I have not written you back I am very very sorry! I am doing my best to write back everyone, but it is hard! Just know that I looooovvvvve the letters. Seriously they make my day so much brighter so if you have a minute get on and send me a letter!!
Anyway I will have more time on Friday to write more about the activities of the week.
Ate logo.
Eu amo voces!!

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