Friday, May 10, 2013

She has been gone a whole Month...only 17 more :)

Today marks my one month in the MTC. That means I only have another 17 months left! I honestly can not even believe that!!! I am so ready to be in the field and also terrified. This next week is when I will probably get my reassignment... I am sooooooo excited. I could go just about anywhere in the USA. I had a dream I was called to New York.. and then another dream I was called to Hawaii. At this point I am just suuuuper excited for it.
Also! I get to call home! This will probably be on Thursday around 5 pm my time so somebody be ready to get a call from me. I will probably try Moms cell first, but if her phone is dead like usual I will try the others. I only have 5 mins to let you know where I will be going and catch up a little, but I am totally good with that. I am so excited!! If not everyone can be there it is totally cool, but if at all possible I would love to hear ya on the phone. :)
This week has flllloooooowwwwn by. I honestly do the same things everyday so there is not much new to share. My portuguese is getting better and better. I can understand pretty much everything that is said to me, but I need to think pretty hard when it comes to responding. Our lessons are getting more organized and we are able to really address their concerns about the gospel.
One of our investigators is getting baptized!! He is our teacher, but he is playing one of the investigators he met on his mission. His name is Marco and he is a 17 year old boy. He is very excited about the Book of Mormon and we are soooo happy for him!! I can't even express the joy of letting others know about the love of Jesus Christ. I am soooo ready for this!
So being with our district every hour of everyday creates very good friendships. It gets to the point where we seriously know everything about how each other react and all that good stuff. We spend all of our time in this little white room which slowly makes you go crazy as you spend more time in it. Anyway the point of this introduction is to say that eventually there are not walls up between everyone. These people are honestly some of my best friends... and so we talk about everything.
In other news my companionship was called to be the ward greeters!! We get to talk to people and hand out hymn books at the beginning of church. :) I think it will be really fun! It is nice to have a calling.
I am all better from my sickness! Thank you so much for the yummy food, notes, graduation card, and meds. Getting mail will never be boring it makes me so happy. Especially when the mail is a package!! Thank you momma! And thank you Christine!!! That chocolate is getting to love it deserves I promise you. :)
A 70 apostle came to speak to us the other day. He is from Uraguay and is not super comfortable with English, but his talk was really awesome. All of the devotionals as so inspiring here at the MTC. I have no idea what I am going to do without those boosts 2 times a week! I bought a conference edition of the Ensign from the bookstore this week so hopefully that will help as I am our in the field.
Sorry this letter is really random today. :P
Lets see. Life is great. I think the best way to describe my days is that I die every night and wake up as a new person everyday. I honestly sometimes wonder where all the strength comes from. I go to sleep wondering how in the world I will be able to get up the next day... but it happens and I am always ready for the next day. When I was sick it was the most apparent. When I was in class I felt just fine, but the second I got out of class or was not teaching I was miserable. I know I am not alone in this. I know that God is sending his angels to bear me up and help me. Speaking of angels, my companions are awesome and I love them so much. I get so sad when I think that we will all be going to different places next week. :( I just have to trust that my Father in Heaven is in charge.
In closing I just want to share a thought that an Elder in my district shared earlier.
Our Father in Heaven is perfect. He is the most wonderful magnificent being in the entire universe. He has all power and all knowledge and yet He asks that we call Him "Father" Isn't that awesome!? That is just a testimony to me of the divine calling of families. We are given families for a divine purpose. They are perfect.
I testify that God love you. Yes, you. He is aware of you and he wants you to be aware of Him so that he can help you. Say a prayer. Sincerely ask if He is there and I promise He will let you know. :)
Eu Amo Voces!!
Also, Happy Mothers Day momma!! You are the best. Never forget that I love you and look up to you. You have made me the person I am today and I will forever be grateful to you. Remember you are beautiful. You are strong. And you are almost always right. :P Have a great weekend alright? :) Love ya.
Ate mais,
Sister Earl

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