Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A letter we received in the mail

Dear familia, Holy cow what a day!  I am officially at the mission home in Texas.  I honestly never thought I could be this excited and nervous; tired and confused....yet PUMPED!!
     This morning was a bit crazy.  I really, really wanted to talk to you longer.  It breaks my heart that we only had a couple seconds:(  On my second flight I had a great experience.  I sat next to Barry, a 47 year old concert host from London, England.  he was very talkative and very interested in what I had to say about the church.  He asked all sorts of questions and really listened.  I ended up giving him a Mormon.org card and telling him all about our church.  It was a more than wonderful experience.  After the flight was when things got a little crazy.  I found out my small blue bag had ripped all the way down the side...Hahah.  I put all my books in it and it was just too heavy to handle.  No matter, all I did was patch it up and keep going.  Getting off the plane and going outside was like running into a brick wall..hahah.  It was hot and windy so my skirt of course would not stay down.  We promptly met the mission president and his wife.  They are both super awesome and very nice.
     It was awesome because the first thing we did was eat lunchables and go contacting:)    I was assigned a temp. companion and out we went!  We talked to a bunch of people and gave out some Mormon.org cards/ Book of Mormon cards.  Sometimes I really had to get some faith as we approached certain people but it ended up being not nearly anything nerve racking at all....Just fun!!
     We soon found out that Visa waiters know nothing...hahahh  Supposedly we were supposed to come with an over night bag all made up so that all the other bags do not have to be with you the first night.  So, I made one:)
     I found out that the mission Presidents wife is an Earl.  She is related to Henry Sylvester Earl.  Related all over the place I swear!!  Well now we have interviews and dinner so I better get going.  This work is starting and I couldn't be happier      Love Sister Earl

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