Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So I am here. In Texas. Houston. haha
I can honestly say that I had no idea what to expect.. and whatever I had in my head was completely off. 
The plane landed in Houston and first off suddenly I couldn't breathe. Literally, they opened the back hatch thing and then this thick rolling wave washed over all the people innocently sitting in the plane. Haha. I have been to Florida.. but that was the winter months and believe me its completely different. 

From that point the rest of the time in the airport is a big blur. I know that we met the Mission President at the baggage claim and then we were escorted off to do other things. 

We were given temporary companions for a little while and went out contacting. I got to talk to a bunch of people and it actually was really fun. Later on we had a meal at the mission home and just got to relax a little. 

Night time is when it got interesting. Almost all the sisters got taken to members homes to sleep, but Sister Peterson, Sister Thompson, and I were given to some Spanish speaking sisters. 

They took us to their humble little apartment and told us to get comfortable. We had a pillow and a couple blankets. So we made our pathetic little beds on the floor and tried to think about actually going to sleep. I was completely exhausted in everyway possible, but.. IT WAS SO HOT! I was still sweating and it was 11! I will forever remember that sad night... on the floor trying to sleep with the yelling outside and police. haha It was a little depressing, but the next day was better. 

First of all I got to shower! Woooo! Great day. 

Fast Forward to now and I have my companion Sister Howard. She is a wonderful trainer and an even better missionary. 

Funny Story:
We have had MULTIPLE people come up to me and Sister Howard just terrified that Howard and Earl were our first names! haha They come up and say "Don't tell me those are your firs names?" It has given us some chances to talk to people though so we are good with it.

We are in the Alief Ward. The people are from all over the place. We have a bunch of people from Africa, Mexico, England.. Seriously every place you can think of! I am still getting use to seeing so much diversity everywhere I go. Also everyone believes in God. Every single person has some sort of religious beliefs. It is wonderful to have that basis when we talk to people. The only strange thing is that at least a couple of the people we talk to everyday are Muslim. I can honestly say I have never met this many Muslims in my life. It is so cool to see all different kinds of people though. I even got to use a little of my Portuguese!! :D

Texas is great. I have learned some lessons already.
1.NEVER stand or sit in the grass. Just don't do it ever. Fire Ants are angry little buggers.
2. Never forget your water bottle. The heat just wipes you out.
3. Forever be grateful that you are a Visa waiter and you do not have to ride bikes... haha
4. Talk to everyone! Even the person who seems like they don't want to listen
5. People who slam doors in your face are still Children of God. 
6. Blue Bell ice cream is absolutely delicious.
7. Kolaches are SO GOOD. I could eat them at every meal. (rolls filled with all sorts of delectible goodies

Those are just a couple for y'all. I will have some more later I am sure of it. 

I am so excited to be serving in Texas. This last Sunday we had a baptism and it was so cool. There was an entire family from Africa getting baptized. Pacifique and her family. And also a son of a less active member. :) It was the coolest thing to see. This church is true. I know that God really is there and he loves us so much. The church is true in Utah, in Washington, AND the church is true in Texas. It is the same whereever you go. I am so grateful for that knowledge. :) I love all of you so much. Never forget it. 

Sister Earl

                                                           EARL AND HOWARD


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