Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oi beautiful people!
Today is such a wonderful day!! The sun is actually out and I am not freezing!! wooooo!
This week has been so much fun and packed with excitement!! First of all we have a new schedule which I absolutely love for multiple reasons. First of all I never have to get up before 6:30. Second of all we never have gym time right after a meal time. Third we have 45 mins to get ready in the morning instead of 30. Plus switching things up is always good, because it keeps it interesting.
Speaking of keeping it interesting I have a story de voces! So after breakfast and then taking a short nap we strolled on down to the laundry room to do our laundry (go figure) We put our clothes in and then proceeded to write letters and wait for the cycle to be over. As we are sitting there half asleep and still in our sweats some of our Elders run into the laundry room yelling "Elder Perez!!! Elder Perez!!" We stopped them a little confused and also a little irritated and asked what was going on.
They proceeded to tell us that an announcement had been made in the residence hall that Elder Perez needed to pack and be ready to go by 11:30 that day!!!!! AT this time is was already 10!!! I started to freak out He GOT HIS VISA. ELDER PEREZ IS LEAVING US!!! I was super excited that he got his Visa, but also sad he was leaving. I was thinking how he had to get everything packed in an hour!! That alone would stress me out beyond belief!! Anyway, so we ran our clothes up to our rooms and sat outside the elders building so that we could say goodbye before he left.
I have known this Elder for 3 weeks! Just 3 weeks, but we are all so close! I still feel very conflicted about the entire thing even though he is already on a plane headed to Brazil..... :O Its just crazy.
Sister Jones' entire district was called to the Spokane Washington mission except for her. She gets to wait another week at the MTC with me!! haah :) I just have two weeks til I get my reassignment and Sister Moberg gets hers next week. MUITO LEGAL, SIM?!
Funny story time
Ok so one of the Elders in our District is Elder Park. He is a short blonde elder with a huge personality and Texas pride. :P He is also our district leader and he does a very good job. Anyway, this week we have been working on "SYL" which stands for "speak your language" We are expected to always speak in portuguese so that it will become easier and easier to speak all the time in portuguese. Anyway sometimes it is really hard to remember expecially at meal times and back at the residence hall. He decided that he would give himself a reminder by writing it in big letters on his hand.
This would have been a pretty good plan except instead of writing "SYL" in english he decided to write Falo Minha Lingua (speak my language) in Portuguese. So as you probably already guessed our District Leader had a big "FML" on his right hand. I think everyone was laughing for a good 10 mins when we all found out. haha It was unbelievably funny.
Other than all that life is going on here at the MTC. People leave and come all the time and it is weird to think that there is actually a life outside of the MTC. Tonight we have TRC which is my favorite. We get to talk to a member of the church in Portuguese and basically share our testimony and thoughts. It is just so wonderful to feel the spirit so strong. Eu amo Portugues. Eu amo voces!
Eu sei que Jesus Cristo e meu Salvador. Eu sei que esta igreja e verdadeira. Eu muito grata por meu Salvador. ( some of that should have accents and such but the computer is difficult to understand sometimes. Hopefully the message somewhat translates on googletranslate) haha
Thanks for all the support and love!! Thank you shout out to Samantha Calder, Kendall Earl, Alyssa Tucker, Alison Siggard, Christine Padilla, Karina Hansen, JeriAnn Ward, Lori Baker, Grandma Kathy, Roger, Grandma Baker, Shani Law, Michael Reidhead, Kristy Earl, Mogene Bodily, my entire family (Momma, Daddio, Jordan, Cassidy, Riley and Dylan) You all make my world a little brighter. :) If you feel at all inclined please send me a letter!! I would loooove to hear from you! Yes you!! :)
Oh and momma as for the package thing I was thinking I might need some more cold medicine... I contracted the MTC virus. This place in just an incubater of sickness I swear!! I have Day Quil and Night Quil but I might need more... not sure yet. I don't know you you think some other meds would work better... Anyway, that is my main thing. I could always get more at the Bookstore too.
Hmmmm other than that I don't really know what I need. Surprise me! I always love surprises. :) I love you momma, you are the best :)
Have a great week everyone! Your Father in Heaven loves you so much. :)
Sister Earl

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