Friday, May 17, 2013

I have officially been given my reassignment. Before I tell everyone where I will be headed I just wanna saw how overly excited I am for this. I know that God is fully aware of my situation and He knew this would happen for a long time. I know He would have not called me to Brazil at this time if
He didn't want me to get a reassignment as well. I believe there are people in both places that I can help. People that need the knowledge of the gospel. People who want to know who their Savior is and how they can get back to live with Him. How they can live with their families forever. They want answers to the big questions of life. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? I just feel overwhelmingly blessed to be that person. I love being a missionary. Where ever he wants me to be.
On that note I have been called to the

I will be leaving on Tuesday Morning at 4 AM! Two other missionaries from my district are going to come with me. Sister Peterson (the one with the looonnng blonde hair) and Elder Crapo (the one with the short blonde hair) I am so happy that I will have travel buddies. Leaving the district is going to be so hard. Leaving my family was sorta hard... but I know I will see ya'll again. My district is sorta a toss up. I could see them again.. but I don't know for sure! So I am a little sad. Elder Wyatt (the elder from Ellensburg) is leaving TOMORROW! He is going to Montana. Then some more missionaries leave on Monday.. I just have to watch everyone leave me! haah I know this is how it is meant to be, but it will be sorta sad.
This is my flight schedule
Tuesday May 21st
1st flight leaving from Salt Lake at 7:15AM and landing in Phoenix at 7:53AM
THen I have an hour where I will be talking to you, family!! So be ready for me! I think I will actually call moms cell this time. haah :P Let me know if you would rather me call a different one. I will have quarters to call and make sure some one answers but then I will hang up and use my calling card.
I leave the Phoenix airport at 8 55AM and then touch down in Houston at 1:38PM. THen the adventure continues... :D (I am so excited)

Anyway, if anyone has time I would love to know more about that mission! If you could look it up and then dearelder it to me I would be overly grateful! All I know is it is by the border and it is 90% humidity! wooo! (getting me pumped for Brazil ya?) Just anything you can find out about it. Thanks!

This week has when a little crazy. We had the reassignment craziness and then we had in field orientation. They taught us all about how to talk to the bishop and ward cousil members. They gave us a warning that the ward we are serving in will most likely want us to introduce ourselves to the ward in sacrament meeting. We got all sorts of good information.
On Tuesday we had Russel M. Nelson come and speak to us! I feel so blessed to have 2 of the members of the quarm of the 12 come and speak to me while I have been at the MTC! It is wonderful. He talked about the fact that people are praying for us on both sides of the veil. There are ancestors and decendants of our investigators who want us to be able to share the gospel with their family. He spoke about us being the link from where they are and where God is. Pretty much the entire talk just got me suuuper pumped to go out in the field.

I ran into my cousin Ben Baker a few times and we got to talk.  It was great seeing him.  He is serving in Arizona.
As a district we have been doing Crossfit. It is a workout system that works so well, but it also hurts so bad! haah I did a bunch of squats and push-ups so I am super sore, but that will be good for me. :)
OH! I almost forgot. The other day Janice Kat Perry came to Relief Society. THat is the lady who wrote "As sisters in Zion" "A childs prayer" "Love is spoken here" "The armies of Helaman" and a bunch of other great ones. (Dylan she wrote "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as well ;) ) Anyway, she came and she had written a new verse to "As sisters in Zion!" It is called "The sisters in Zion" and it is so awesome! Look for the new CD to come out! I don't know when it will come out but it is such a powerful song. The sisters at the MTC were the first ones to sing it!! I feel so blessed!
Funny story time
Ok so my companion Sister Lillian has been sick. No that is not funny, but it got the point were she needed to see a doctor. So we went to the doctor on MTC property and he said she needed to get some medicine. Getting this medicine involved us going off MTC PROPERTY! hah We got a shuttle pass and everything.
So we are getting ready to leave and decided to just walk because it was a beautiful day. We start walking to the exit and Sister Davis says "Do we need to check out or anything?" None of us knew and we didn't want to go see so we just kept walking until we got to the gate.
I said "Just look really confident and the guards won't say anything. So we confidently opened the gate and marched off to the clinic. Haha It is just so funny to me how excited we were to go off campus. We walked up the the clinic and talked to some people inside. Everyone was super happy to talk to us and for once I really felt like a missionary for a couple seconds.
That was a great day. :)
Speaking of great days this past Wednesday I go to help with hosting new missionaries. I stood outside and got to greet new sisters and help them find all their rooms and books. I totally remember being that new sister a couple weeks ago. It was so awesome to help them.
Fun Fact for Ya. This last Wednesday about 600 new missionaries were admitted into the MTC. That is so many! Out of that 600, about 236 were Sister missionaries!! So awesome right? I am so excited for all the sisters who are serving. I can already see how much of a blessing it is in my life and I can't even imagine how great it will be in the next couple months.
So life goes on. :) Don't forget to Dearelder me! I will have my new address for Texas as soon as I get over there so I will let you know what that is. I love you all :)
The church is true. God loves you and so does Jesus Christ. :)
Ate mais!
Sister Earl

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