Saturday, August 30, 2014

Angleton August 4 2014

Dear People,

Can I just say that Sister McBride is so much fun and makes me laugh all the time!? We are just always laughing it is the best thing ever.
This was Sister McBrides first day of biking!! The before pic... 
​and the after! haah We were winded but it was so fun.

We had a very good awesome wonderful stupendous week! Bernice and Tony are learning more and are getting more and more excited about being sealed together as a family. They could not come to church this week because of prior commitments, but they are for sure coming this week! :) They are wonderful we love them so much.

Our investigator Neika is awesome as well. She made a comment this week when she said, "I want to get baptized.. and I want to do it before you leave!!" So I told her I would love for her to get baptized when she knows that the church is true. She loves the Book of Mormon and is just trying to make sure she really believes everything we are sharing with her. We told her that the only thing she really has to know is if the Book of Mormon is true. If that book is true then everything that goes with it is true as well. I know that the Book of Mormon has changed my life. What I mean by that is that the Book of Mormon has made me think about my relationship with God on a deeper level. I have more desires to do good and I have more capacity to follow Christ. It is such a beautiful thing. I know Neika is starting to see that and I just love seeing that light enter into the lives of others. 

​This is a display of the Plan of Salvation that we made for Bernice and her kids. They loved it, even though it was made with limited resources.. it was made with love!  I need to get a picture of them one of these days. They are the cutest family ever. :) 

Anyway, keep up the faith! :) Choose to believe that God knows you and loves you. :) It is true! 

-Sister Earl

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