Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Transfer to End all Transfers August 25 2014

Well it is official. I am going to spend the last 6 weeks here in Angleton with Sister McBride! I am so excited for this next transfer I can hardly contain myself. There is so much that is going to happen. I know that the blessings are just going to flood over us as we do everything we can to qualilfy for them.

This week we had Bernice and Tony Jr interviewed for baptism!! And they were all ready!! but then Bernices boyfriend stepped in and started to make her doubt. I know they will be baptized, but not his weekend! It was sad, but not all hope is lost. :) 

This is our District at an Italian resturant! It was our celebration for Elder Eldred since he is leaving for home today! (He is the one with the glasses)

We went bowling! :) It was a blast. That is Kadee and Ivy! Recent converts. :) 

This next week is going to be incredible! This work is so important! I know that as we work hard even the disapointments are not so bad. I know that God is proud of my work. He is watching over us and is guiding us. :) The things of life are hard but worth it because everyone means so much to God. :) 

-Sister Earl

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