Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chilli cookoff August 18 2014

Baptisms, musical performances, moving furniture, testifying, peppermint oil, dominican republic, speaking Portu-englin-ish, Sonic 1/2 priced shakes, homemade chicken pot pie, prepared people, tears of joy, fighting to stay awake in planning,... and so much more! This week was awesome!

We met 7 more people who are prepared to recieve the gospel. Danielle Gilstrap was baptized on Saturday. She is the best friend of one of the youth in the ward that has been coming to church for a couple weeks now. She is awesome!! So prepared and the McDearmonts have been there to answer questions the entire ride. Her mom Tara is now taking the lessons! 

Bernice and her family are doing awesome! They are going to have FHE with the Whipples and us on Tuesday and we are stoked about it! The ward is awesome at reaching out to people who we are teaching! We are excited to continue to help them. WE just love them so much. :) 

I met two girls this week and their names are Jordan and McKayla.. it was sorta weird. ahah They are cool, but it is still weird saying those names together when I am not talking about myself and my brother!.. ahah :P 

This weekend we also had the Texas famous Chili Cook off!! The chili was so good! I really had no idea how many different kinds of chili you could eat before I came to Texas. My favorite was #15.. I don't know what was in it.. but it was good!! (although it wasn't really a fair vote from me since I only tried 3..) 
A couple less active sisters came to the chili cook off so that was fun! :) We had set up for some investigators to come as well but it didn't happen. It was a little disappointing, but that is just how life goes sometimes. :) It just means we need to try harder this week!! :) 

Well ya'll are awesome! Thank you for all the support! 
-Sister Earl

300 W Henderson Rd #412
Angleton, TX 77515-2204

These are the photos from the sealing that McKayla was able to attend last week.  She taught the man who was baptized in her first area.



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