Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 21 2014 Angelton Transfer

Hey peoples!

This has been a wonderful week! I absolutely love my new greenie (Sister McBride) and I am excited to see what will happen as we use our agency to act and change peoples hearts. We have the power to literally save people from their guilt and shame. We know how to access the love and mercy of the Atonement. The only way is to develop faith that leads us to repent (or completely change our desires to be in line with Gods will) and make promises with God like baptism. As we do this we are taught how to truly receive the Spirit in our lives and we have the strength to endure and to endure well. This is the only way and we have the answer.

We had so many miracles this week! So Sister McBride is from Colorado and Wyoming. She is the 3rd of 5 and is super pumped for missionary work! We already really love working together and love to find people to teach. The first day we jumped in with OYMing and found some new investigators. Our faith is being strengthened each time we study and talk about our investigators and members. 

We had a wonderful experience this week with one of the OYMs. At first the lady really looked like she didn't want to talk to us, but as we talked to her her countenance totally changed. She opened up and my heart just exploded with charity and empathy as she told us about her very hard and sad life. I just know that the gospel is literally the only thing that can help her. It is the only way and the only relief. People out there literally do not know where to go or what to do to have relief from their lives. 

I know this church is true. It is my biggest joy and my biggest investment. I have the assurance that I can always be safe with my trust in God. I know you can trust Him too. Think of a way that you can have more faith in Him. What are you holding back on? Make a leap of faith and see how He is always there, every time, without fail.

I love each of you! Keep being the wonderful people that you are! 
-Sister Earl

Sister McBride! 

​Eating Mexican Food!

​A road that was completely flooded this week in the rains! 

Have a good one!
-Sister Earl 

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