Sunday, July 20, 2014

Angelton Week 5 July 7 2014

Sometimes tender mercies come in the form of Almond chocolate kisses. This week I was thinking about my mom and I was missing her for a little while, but of course as it came time to go to work I did my best to clear my mind and work with all I had. I had totally forgotten about missing my momma in the middle of the day, but we went to see a LA couple and had a very nice conversation with them. When we were leaving Sister Woodard stopped and said "oh wait a second, I have something for ya" She came back and handed me 5 almond chocolate kisses. :) The only thing that would have made it better is if they were frozen (since my mom always stashes hers in the freezer) but it was still a message that I received from my Heavenly Father that He knew that I missed my mom and He loved me. :) It is that kind of love that I see everyday, in little almost unrecognizable ways. If you pay attention God will send you some of these little moments and He will help you see them if you pray for it.

Happy 4th of July!! 
I was super happy that we were able to have a BBQ and eat watermelon :) We also were privileged to live sorta close to where they were having the a firework show so we got to celebrate in the traditional way and Sister Tauasa was able to experience her first 4th of July. It was funny she kept saying "Happy... uh what day is it again? oh July 4!" :) It was the best. She is hilarious. 

(picture from the BBQ) Sister Tauasa, Me, Elder Stoker, Elder Cordtz

One of the things about Texas is that when there are holidays everyone goes to San Antonio or Austin. The 4th of July was practically a ghost town in Angleton and Lake Jackson but we still got to talk to some people. :) It was a really good week and Sister T is great. 

-Sister Earl

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