Monday, December 9, 2013

Ritas Ice Custard Happiness

My mom asked me last week if there were any food down here that I have had lately that are different. I have already talked about Kolaches which are SOOO GOOD and one of my weaknesses.. :)

But this last week we saw this sign on a little shop and I decided we just had to figure out what that meant! 


So we decided for the first couple minutes of our dinner break to check it out! Turns out it is a place that makes fresh Italian Ice every day and Frozen Custard!! I just about died of happiness!! It was so awesome. The thing that they really wanted people to try was a thing called the Gelati. 

It involves your choice of vanilla, chocolate or orange creme custard covered with one or two of 8 choices of fresh Italian Ice with a little bit of custard on top. It was a little different, but it was awesome. I will definitely be going back one of these days. :)

Other than that everyone down here puts this spice on their food called Tonys Cajun something or other. It is so good. I honestly love it especially on pasta with alfredo/cheese sauce. Yum yum yum. I am developing a real love for spicy food. I have always been a little indifferent to spicy things, but the more I eat it the more I love it. I even eat Jalapenos! :P I guess I was just a late bloomer in the spice category. 

So ya, food is good. 
Speaking of food.....

 HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!! This week is going to be filled with all sorts of food! So many people invited us over to have a meal or just to eat some pie. I am good with both of those options!! I will admit my favorite part of the food at Thanksgiving is the bread.. and the Pie! :) 

This week was a good week for missionary work too. We were able to see a lot of Less Active members who others have not been able to talk to in a long time. I definitely see God helping us in this area. We are both very new. My companion was only here for a few weeks before I was put here so we are learning together and God is letting us know where He needs us. 

We had a Zone Meeting this week and a couple things really stood out to me. We talked about Prayer and the importance of really sincere personal prayers. I have always known that when I pray I am talking to God, but sometimes I let my mind wander or get distracted while I am in the middle of my prayers. When we pray we are literally asking for help or thanking the most magnificent being in the universe. He is our Father and He loves us so much. As I have taken more time to really think about my prayers and pray about things I really am grateful for or I really need I can feel more of His love in my life. I am so grateful for prayer. It really is the only comfort that works sometimes. 

As I have been thinking about Thanksgiving I have been trying to think of the things that I am really not grateful for and figure out the bright side. :) For example.. I am not grateful that the weather is suddenly really cold outside, but I am grateful to have a warm car to drive around in. And I am grateful for my coat and my newly bought thick tights. :) 

There are tons and tons of things that we can think of that have a bright side. We are blessed more than we realize, myself included. :) So this week think about those things and find the things you are truly thankful for. God has a way of sneaking those things into our lives without us even knowing sometimes! Surprise him this week and thank Him for the things that you have not noticed yet.

I promise you will feel more peace and more happiness. It may not come in the form of Ritas Ice Custard Happiness, but it will come! And it will give you renewed strength to be the person that God knows you are and can become.

I love all of you! Have a great Thanksgiving!! 
-Sister Earl

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