Monday, December 9, 2013

The Spirit of Christmas

Hey there!
Another thing I love about Texas is that a lot of people really understand what Christmas is suppose to be about. So many of the houses have little nativity sets outside. People are talking about Christ all the time, but now is the time where it really shows in all aspects of peoples lives.
This Sunday I saw one of the more charible acts of love that I have seen so far on the mission. So to start I am going to introduce you to the Zarsky family. They are an active family in the Clear Lake 2 ward. Bro and Sis Zarsky have 3 kids. Two boys and a girl. A little while ago they were in a freak accident where an electrical cord fell and zapped the two younger children quite badly while they were playing in the backyard. The girl has to wear thermal clothing and the younger boy lost his leg beneath the knee. Both of the children have developed some minor mental issues and the older boy feels guilty that he didn't do anything to help his siblings.
With that backdrop I am going to take you into our Sacrament meeting this Sunday. Sister Wolfgramm and I are sitting down getting ready for the opening song when the Zarsky family comes in and sits in front of us. Halfway through the song the little girl starts to jump up and start dancing and making a lot of noise. Sister Zarsky tries to get her to sit down and stop making a scene, but she was not going to have it. It got to the point were Sister Zarsky had to take her out of the room. As soon as she got up still struggling to keep the young girl still another lady in the congregation a couple rows over got up and followed her out of the room.
5 mins later this other lady came back in with the young Zarsky girl in her arms rocking her softy while Sister Zarsky went back to help her husband take care of the other two children.
I couldn't help but feel like Christ was looking out for this family. I know that God lives and that He really sent His son to die for us. Because of that Atonement we can be saved from the most tragic and depressing times. He truly will succor us. Sometimes it is through other people, but He is always there and He loves us unconditionally. I know that those children are going to be ok. I know that God is supporting Bro and Sister Zarsky through their pain and anxiety. I know that He really knows exactly how they feel. He knows that they feel guilty for this thing that happened even though there is nothing they could do about it. He knows that they worry about their children. He know that the children worry about each other. And He also knows who is willing to help.
So the Spirit of Christmas becomes the Spirit of Christ. We do the things that Christ would do if He was here. :) I am grateful for the examples that I have seen of this kind of love.
Happy Holidays
-Sister Earl 

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