Monday, December 9, 2013

Clear Lake and Armand Bayou week 4

Thanksgiving was awesome this past week. We ate a couple different meals and got a bunch of leftovers afterwards. Needless to say I will not need to spend very much for groceries today. :)
We went to the Bishops house for breakfast and it was awesome! We had pancakes and a bunch of turkey bacon! :D It was perfect. The only thing about that is from that point on we really did not stop eating the entire day! haha For the actual dinner of Thanksgiving we went to the Liddles house. We ate shrimp for an appetizer and then feasted on all the normal Thanksgiving foods that we all love so much.
Around the dinner table we had 5 members of the Liddle family (one who is on a mission now) and then my companion and I, but we had soooo much food I could hardly believe it!! Sister Liddle made 250 rolls, a 20lb turkey, potatoes and gravy, green beans, corn, stuffing, and shrimp. Then for dessert she had Apple pie, a tester pie (cherry, raspberry, apple, and peach) pumpkin pie, and chocolate dream pie. Just looking at the spread on the table made me feel full!! It was absolutely delicious in everyway and we were grateful to the Liddles for having us over. It made for a really wonderful Thanksgiving despite the fact that my family was not with me. 
The funniest part of this meal was Sister Liddle told us that she would be doing it ALL over again on Saturday! Yes, you read that right! She made the rolls and the turkey and everything all over again a couple days later! Oh Texas, what are we going to do with you? haha :P
So yes the holiday was definitely a success. :)
This week I have been thinking a lot about diligence.
God has asked us to do certain things because He knows that it will be for our good if we do them. I have been working on talking to everyone and really truly loving people everywhere I go. I know that if I can do this more fully then God will be with me more and it will be easier to do the other things that God has asked me to do.
On Sunday we get out of our first meeting for the Clear Lake ward and a lady comes up to us and says, "There is a guy that just walked in to church. I sat by him and now I am taking him to class with me. You should meet him."
Ok! Sounds perfect!!
So we did and he actually stayed at the church until the Singles ward started as well! His name is George and he decided he wanted to come and check out the church since he knew a couple people that went. :) It was so cool and he has so many awesome questions. :) God works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you find someone to teach and sometimes they find you. :)
This week was awesome.. I wish I had more time to tell you about it.. but unfortunately I am almost out of time!
Have a great week!!
-Sister Earl

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