Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin spiced chocolete chip cookies

This week Sister Bearnson and I decided we needed some Pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies. Sooo last Monday when we went shopping we got the stuff and decided to make them the morning of weekly planning day so we could have something to munch on as we talk about all the people in our area.

So Thursday morning we mix it up. Little did we know that we were making enough cookies to build a house with!! We have been eating cookies for days now and trying to give them away to anyone that will take some. haha Then today just as we were down to our last 10 or so.. a member gives us a plate of snickerdootles.. and there are about 20 cookies on the plate!! haha 

And people wonder why missionaries gain weight! They get stuff from members... and they make a fair amount of sweets themselves. haha I better start learning some portion control tactics though.. :/ haha.. 

Anyway, along with the cookie explosion we have had an awesome week!! 

At church on Sunday a member ended up inviting one of her newly found friends to church. This friend was sooo excited to be there!! She was introducing herself to everyone and telling everyone how good it felt to be here. She even asked if we could come over so she could cook for us and we could share a "thought" with her. :) We are so excited!!! She is so cool and she already loves church. :) Member missionary work is the best thing ever!! 

I forgot to tell everyone that last week I went on exchange to the southern part of our mission. I went to Lake Jackson! It is essentially a swamp with a bunch of wide open spaces and broken down buildings. 

The street names are crazy there. They had a "this way" "that way" "his way" "her way" they even had a "What happened was" and "It's complicated" that intersected so they were on the same street was pretty funny. :D

While we were there a member took us to a seafood restaurant where the food was actually not expensive! I asked where the fish all came from and what was the fresh-est fish and they said that their catfish was the best... soooo I got some catfish!! It was delicious! :P 

The rest of the week has flown by so fast I really don't even know what has happened. I know it was good... just can't think of the specifics. :)

This work is the best thing I have ever taken the time to do. I love being a missionary because I see people change. I see people become what God already knows they can be. :) 

I testify that God lives and if you let Him He will help you be better than you ever thought you could be. :) 

Stay positive everyone! 
Love, Sister Earl

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