Monday, October 14, 2013

Adoro ouvir a Conferencia Geral!

Adoro ouvir a Conferencia Geral!
Conference was great right? I can't even pick a session that I liked best! It is awesome how God works. He will always give us direct revelation. We can get it ourselves and He gives it through his leaders. All we need to do is LISTEN. Listening is the key to a lot of lifes problems. 

For example, when we listen to the people we are talking to and take time to let them express how they feel then we can better understand them! Its crazy~! haha

When you listen to your companion (whether missionary or spouse) you can figure out how to work through problems and make necessary changes to yourself. 

When you listen to the teacher (whether in school or sunday school) then the information with stick and will make sense. 

When we pray and then take time to listen we can hear the things that God wants us to do. He literally can and will talk to you if you take the time to listen.

When we listen we are blessed! It doesn't matter where you are or what you are trying to accomplish. Listening is the way to understand, develop, and correctly apply things to our lives. 

For conference we had 5 of the people we are teaching watch a session in a members home! :) The spirit was there so if the people there were listening they would have felt and understood the things that God was trying to tell them. 

Earlier this week we had a really awesome experience.. and now that I think about it.. it all happened because we listened to the Spirit telling us what to do. 

Sister Hanks is a 51 year old lady who lives alone in the apartment building next to us. She was baptized in 2006, but has spent most of that time being an inactive member. We had been trying for months to talk to her, but she suffers from extreme depression and so has struggled a lot. One day she actually answered the door and let us in. We talked to her for a little while, and even set up another appointment. The next appointment she was even more depressed than the time before so we decided to challenge her to read one chapter a night from the Book of Mormon and we gave her a list of chapters to read. 

That was Sunday.. on Wednesday she texted us and said that she was being admitted to the hospital for in patient treatment. She told us she had nobody to take care of her cats so she left us a key under the doormat and asked us to go and feed them for her. 

We were happy to help her out.. but we were also sad that we were the people she had had to ask to do it. She honestly had nobody else to ask.. 

She was in the hospital for a week and when she got out she texted us and asked us to come over. We went as fast as we could and found her in much better spirits with tears of gratitude in her eyes.

We listened as she told us how when she was in the hospital she read all the chapters we had given her to read. She asked us in complete amazement how we knew to give her the chapters we did in the order we gave them. The warmest feeling came over the room and we all knew that there was higher help in this.

We are now teaching her all the things that bring joy. She is learning about the scriptures and how they really can answer the very questions in your personal soul. She is learning about prayer and how to listen for guidance. She is learning about the temple and how she can be sealed to her family for eternity. She is the only member in her family so we are teaching her how to do family history work so her ancestors can have the same joy that she is experiencing.  

This church is true, my friends. I know for a fact that God is leading me in this work. We have the true and everlasting power of the priesthood here on the earth. God has given us the blessing of having a piece of this power to seal our families together forever. We have prophets who give us the same guidance that Moses and Noah did for their people in ancient times. We have all the pieces of the puzzle to get to live with our Father again one day. The teachings will bless us then and bring real and lasting joy in this life.

Yet, he gives us the choice. Will we listen?

-Sister Earl

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