Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Siverlake Transfers 3

Hey ya'll!

There where some awesome days this week! Partly because missionary work is the best and partly because it was a little cooler this week! Biking around town is actually quite enjoyable when you are not an oven on wheels! Plus, Sister Bearnson and I have a lot more energy when we are not being zapped by the heat in the afternoon. 

We are grateful for the kinda-sorta-somewhat of fall weather that is happening. Just watch.. now that I said this tomorrow is going to be up in the 90's with 100% humidity again.... haha But, like I've said Texas does what it wants. 

One of the moments this week where I realized that God is looking out for his children happened on Monday. A member invited over their neighbor for Family Home Evening and we came along as well. The friends name is Christian and he is a professional clarinet player in the Houston Symphony and the Boston Symphony. Music is his entire life and he really takes it seriously! He said he could get us free tickets if we wanted to go and could get permission! (not sure if that will happen, but isn't that so nice!!) We had an awesome lesson and invited the friend to church on Sunday. Tuesday comes along and the members call us saying that Christian fell and broke his elbow! He had surgery on Friday, and STILL came to church on Sunday. This week we are going to teach him again and help him out with some chores around the house along with the members. We are really glad we could be there to help this guy out. He recently went through a divorce and now that his elbow is broken he might have troubles playing his clarinet. Look at the timing of this event.. there is no way this was just by accident. God really knows us. He knows what we need and he knows that Christian needs this. :) 

This week we also taught Haleys siblings (Haley is a recently baptized girl) Her sister Megan is very interested in the people at the church. She realized that the people care about her so we are making some progress. She even opened the Book of Mormon this week and read some! We are confident that she will feel the Holy Ghost the more she opens herself to it. 

Tyler (Haleys brother) is a big gamer. He is almost always in front of the TV playing some new game. The funny thing is even though you would never guess it Sister Bearnson is a big gamer too! :) She loves video games and has played pretty much every single one you can name. She has been relating gospel topics to video game talk so that Tyler will stay interested. It is actually working! Tyler is slowly starting to realize that we have something that is sorta interesting. :) Sister Bearnson is amazing. 

Speaking of Sister Bearnson!! It was her Birthday this week!! She turned 23 on Friday. I made sure the entire ward was aware so she got a ton of calls and texts on Friday saying Happy Birthday! :) It was a great day for her and I am glad that we got to celebrate it! I love being able to find things to celebrate. It doesn't matter what it is. I just love being happy and so Friday was an extra happy day! We are opposites in a lot of things, but we really get along really good and can use each other to relate to different people. God really is in control. I needed to meet some of these people here. :)

Today for Preparation Day we went to check out Buc-ees. It is this store where everything is covered in Beavers.. and I hear people talk about it all the time!! We were expecting a little more since we have not heard the end of his place since we got here.. but it was still pretty cool. We got a good laugh at all the Beaver things. 
                                               Sister Bearnson at Buc-ees!!!  Wall of Beavers

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