Monday, September 23, 2013


I feel like my life should be the next season of "The District" So much has happened and it would be so much easier to show you than to type it all out on this here computer, but here it goes. :)

So first off last week we got in contact with a family who we were teaching before summer hit. This family is awesome and really wanted to be baptized a couple months ago, but when summer came along and they all went to Mexico we really didn't have anything we could do for them. They came back and we went back to see them as soon as possible, but they were not as excited as they were before. We went back a couple times, but they were always busy and having to reschedule appointments. This Tuesday they officially told us to go away and not come back.. We were a little depressed about it because they were so awesome and we know how much this message can really bless their lives. 

Hopefully down the road a little they will come back. I know God knows how to help them. They will be willing to learn again a little later. 

My favorite thing about this week was going on exchanges. I got to go to a SPANISH area for a couple days! I just talked it Portuguese and anything that didn't exactly translate Hermana Carlson would help me with. It was sooo much fun and I actually surprised myself with how much Portuguese I know.. and how much Spanish I understand! I was definitely seeing the grace of God helping me to communicate with those humble people. If I don't go to Brazil next transfer I would really love to serve in a Spanish area! Sure it would be a little bit of a stretch, but I have full confidence in my Heavenly Father. He knows what I need to be doing. :)

While we were on exchanges I was talking to this lady about the Holy Ghost. She asked what it feels like and as I was thinking how to say what I wanted to say in Portuguese the video we watched in the MTC came into my head. In the video there is a lady who is talking about the feeling she has is almost too big for her body. It fills her up and makes her feel peace. I was able to remember how the lady talked about this feeling in spanish... and told her. Right now I couldn't tell you what I said, but I know that it was exactly what that video said... hah Sister Carlson was impressed, but I was just so grateful. The only way to describe that moment is to say that it was not me. God brought that to me and I was able to do it only because of Him. 

I love being a missionary. I see so many blessings everyday! 

Speaking of blessings- Haley (new convert) brought her entire family to church on Sunday!! Her brother and sister stayed the entire meeting and they had an awesome time. We also had a couple less active families come to church on Sunday. 

Church is the place where we really gain a greater understanding and appreciation of our Savior. So many times during the week people say, " I just don't see the reason to go to church. I can study the scriptures on my own. I can have a relationship with God on my own."

Yes, a relationship with God is very important, but church is your time once a week where you can really let go of everything else and completely focus on the gifts from your Father and your Savior. Church is a place where you meet other people who will support you in your beliefs. You have a family and a support system. 

Church is a gift from God, not an annoying obligation. 

I would rant some more, but you get the picture. I love my Savior. I love His gospel. I know that this church is true because I have asked and God has given me my very own personal witness of the truth. I know that families are meant to be together forever, but you need to correct priesthood authority to do so. I know that we are so blessed and that more blessings are in store for those who keep the commandments with a happy heart. 

Have a great week everybody!
Eu amo voces! 
Sister Earl

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