Monday, September 9, 2013

Missionary on the moon

What a wonderful week!! So many great things are happening everywhere I go. All you people are people I look up to. I admire your leadership and your influence on me. I truly believe that every one I meet has something to teach me. Everyone has strengths and the way those strengths shine through teaches me more about myself and about the love of my Heavenly Father. 

Just as an example: This week I had the opportunity to meet a Less Active member of our Silverlake Ward. She invited us in and we began to talk. She talked about how a long time ago she was married to a member of the church. She said how she pictured it to be a wonderful story book marriage, but he was abusive and the marriage ended in flames instead of roses. She said for a long time she was angry with God. She decided that He didn't love her and didn't want anything to do with him. My heart went out to this nice lady. She was obviously still in pain from the incident. She went on to say that she has since then forgiven God, but she learned a very valuable lesson. She said "Your religion needs to start from your inner most self. If you are running through the motions then you will see blessings, but you won't feel them. You won't understand the fullness of Gods love until you capture it inside you." I was thinking about that and I realized that she is completely right. She is a wonderful lady and I already love her so much. We talked a lot about the Love God has for her and the way to feel it through the Atonement. It was such a wonderful time. We could literally feel the Love of God filling in all the open spaces in that little room. :)

God lives. 

Now you are probably wondering why the topic of this email involves the Moon. Well.. for my birthday today we went to NASA! It was sorta crazy because last week we were talking about how Preparation day was changed to Tuesday (my birthday) and so we should do something really cool. The idea came up that we should go to NASA and all of us jokingly said that would be awesome, but we didn't think it would actually happen. Then I decided that I could make it happen... and so we did! 

It was pretty cool because we got to see the original mission control room and a bunch of videos of space travel and historical things. My companion and I got NASA shirts and we took tons and tons of pictures!! 

I am so completely amazed at the progression we have had in technology since the first launch to space. The knowledge of all this new and improved awesome stuff just makes me in complete awe at the great power of our Father in Heaven. We can make human-like robots that can turn a single page of a book without ripping it and type on a touch screen phone with no mistakes! We can create a machine that can travel 5 miles per second! We can create an environment in which we can live in space! We have technology that can hold tons of data that is now the size of a quarter! It is incredible and yet still people doubt the existence of a higher power. God is the source of all knowledge and all creation. He created us! He made our bodies and created our planet for us.

One of my favorite quotes is "Compared to God, man are nothing; yet we are everything to God."

God knows everything. He literally understands all and yet he counts us as His greatest creation. He loves us more than we understand and He will continue to be there for us and help us. He is the founder of all truth and the source of all this wonderful technology that we have today. 

What a blessing. 

Today as I learned all about the Space expeditions I gained a greater appreciation for His divine love. Just think He seriously knows everything about everything, but does He ever focus on that? No. In our prayers He asks that we address Him as our Heavenly Father not as the most intelligent, all knowing being in the universe. Even though that is exactly what He is. Doesn't that just open your eyes to the love He has? I feel so blessed and happy to have this knowledge. :)

Anyway, God loves you ok? If I haven't made that clear yet feel feel to ask me again. hah He really does though! And he wants to hear from you! :) Talk to Him it will make all the difference to you. :)

Have a great week everyone. Smile a little bigger :)

Love you all
-Sister Earl

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