Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Faith Jan 20

This week I decided that I needed to have more faith. So what did I do?

I studied it and prayed for it. Before my mission I never really prayed to attain certain attributes. I always thought I should pray for the food and pray to give thanks. I would pray for certain people to get better from illness or to be safe while traveling. Since I have been out here I realized that if I want to just talk to God I totally can. He loves to listen to my rambling and He always gives me something to make me smile. He also can help us to develop certain traits that we want to work on. 

So I prayed to have God teach me more about faith and how to attain it. And goodness He knows how to deliver! 

I don't have time to tell you all the wonderful ways God showed me He heard my prayers but I will share what happened Sunday. 

This week we were working really hard to get some investigators to church. We knew that that is what they needed and so we prayed for them and taught them with faith. We decided that we were going to believe that they were coming and that nothing was going to come in the way. Their names and Geneka and Jose. All week we talked with them and told them about the wonderful things that God has for us. We testified of our Savior and told them how much they were going to love coming to church. 

So Sunday comes around and I am running to my crazy meetings all morning. (We are at the church from 8 to 5 since we have the 2 wards) As I am rushing to my correlation meeting for the YSA branch I look over and see Geneka and Jose coming in! They were like 15 mins early!! :) I was excited to see them even though I already "knew" they were going to come. ;) They went in to listen to the prelude music and I went to my meeting. 

Halfway through sacrament meeting we get a text message from one of our other investigators. 

"Guess what I am doing right now?"

"Hmm, reading your scripture?!" 

"Nope, but close. I am here!"

:D YAY! 

Sister Bartosek was giving a talk that day and we invited her to invite people to come and watch her speak. We asked her to invite Gina because she knows her. So she called her up that morning and guess what? She came! :)

Just look at those miracles! Sometimes we have a bunch of faith and things go the way your sorta expected.. and sometimes He takes your faith and makes it go a lot farther than you expected. 

I testify that faith works. God is real! He really is there and really wants you to pray and ask for help. He will bless you with the things you need. That is the key though.. "the things you need." Not the things you need to be ok.. the things you need to have JOY and become more like Him. 

On another note I feel very blessed this week because my brother (soon to be Elder Earl) went to the temple. I am so excited for him because he is going to bless others, but I also know how important the temple is. He made it to the temple! He has the power from God to be a mighty missionary and a disciple of Christ. When he was going through the temple on Saturday I was at a YSA activity (ice blocking.. hah) and I took a minute to stop and thank God for blessing me with my wonderful family. I told him I was so grateful for my brothers decision and I knew that the mission, but more importantly the blessings of the temple would bless him and our family more that any of us really understand. 

That is what this gospel is about! Progression! We become the best of what we can be by following the commandments and praying with faith.

You can do it just trust God and ask Him to help you. Your prayers are a lot more meaningful than you realize. 

-Sister Earl

602 Eldridge Rd
Sugar Land TX, 77478

write me! (Kendall that means you. I need to know what is going on! I am excited for your mission call!! :)

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