Sunday, July 14, 2013

So the transfer is ending this week... WHAT!?
The craziest thing is that I will be leaving my trainer already! Usually new missionaries stay with their trainer for 12 weeks.. but I guess I am needed elsewhere. So this wednesday I will be going to some other part of my mission. It could be anywhere and I don't find out where until they do the slide show at 1 wednesday afternoon. I am a little sad because I honestly love the area I am in so much!!
This week we found a family. The Travis family. There is a mom a dad and then 7 children all from Africa! Only 5 of them are baptizing age, but we are so excited for them. What happened was we were outside heading to another appointment and we saw this guy walking outside. We stopped him and started to talk. We had a short conversation, but he invited us to come and visit the rest of his family. Later that week we stopped by to see him and all this kids playing football outside! We taught a short Restoration lesson and then they invited us back. We asked "When would be a good time to come back?" and they said, "Tomorrow! Please tomorrow!" So we said, "Alrighty!!"
The next day we taught the Plan of Salvation and all the kids sat and participated so well! I was so impressed! At the end of the lesson we extended baptisimal dates and each of the kids and the Father accepted! (The mom was at work.. we will get her though) haha I feel so blessed to have met this family! They are all so ready and willing to learn more about their Heavenly Father. They are excited about the fact that God really knows them and loves them. The little 10 year old Ariel said, "He knows me? God knows me?" We were like "YES! He knows your name and he knows all the things you like. He knows you perfectly!" Her smile will forever be in my memory. That is what this is all about. We get to give people the greatest gift of all: The realization of their identity. I cannot even say how much I love it!
So that is one of the reasons I am super sad to be leaving my area! The family will have to be taught by Sister Howard and whoever is coming over here... I know it will be ok, but I am going to miss them! 
I am also a bit sad about leaving my trainer Sister Howard. We have had some very hard, but wonderful times together. Six weeks seems like nothing and forever at the same time. We went from having 4 investigators to having 12 with baptisimal dates and others we are working with! I love the ward so much and will miss all of the investigators too. Maybe that is why I am leaving.. I ended up loving it too much. :D I know this is what God wants and that I will have more wonderful people in my next area. 
This week Sister Howard and I were on the bikes! We had to save miles  in the car and so we went out biking all day in 109 degree weather!
I wish I was kidding, but it is true. Amazingly, we were just fine. God blessed us so much because we were willing to take that sacrifice. We had plenty of water and lots of people to go to that were close so it was a very wonderful day! I looked like a human waterfall, but I was smiling! I can honestly say I didn't even feel bad until the second we got home. It was such a faith building experience for me. (But I still would rather be in a car area when I get transfered.. :D )  
Oh, on Tuesday of last week my companion went on exchanges and left me to fend for myself. At first I was super nervous, but the only person who knew that was me. haha I was Senior companion for a day and I was able to lead just fine. There are people everywhere who are prepared to hear the gospel. The trick is finding them and helping them realize that is what they want.
I am so grateful for this truth. I have always been someone who has a lot of questions and I can honestly say that all my questions about religion have been answered in the Book of Mormon. In fact, all of my questions about life have been answered in some way or another through the Book of Mormon. When we do what God asks us, then he blesses us. That is how it has been in the past and that is how it will always be! God is the same forever and he loves us so much.
Reach out to those around you. They want to know they are loved by their Heavenly Father too. :) Have a great week ya'll!
Eu amo voces!
Sister Earl

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