Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hey all you lovely people!
As I let you know last week I was transferred this past Wednesday to a new part of the Houston South Mission. I had no idea what to expect going into the transfer meeting, but I soon found out that God expects a lot of me.
I have been transfered to the Silverlake ward in Pearland Texas. It is a very small ward in geography and because of that we are strictly biking sisters. My companion is Sister Bearnson from Salt Lake City, Utah. She is a very good missionary that leads by example. She isn't super talkative, but she loves to talk to people about the gospel so it works out. :) We are getting along really good and trying to become better missionaries together. This ward was just split about 2 transfers ago so everyone is still getting use to the new ward, but all the members are great! I don't know if the members just feel bad for us or what, but we have somewhere to go for dinner just about every night and sisters are always asking if they can come out with us teaching! The ward is super friendly and the bishop is on top of everything.
I am really excited to be in this area. It is soooo drastically different from my last transfer. The Alief ward I was in was were they sent all the African refugees. We also just had a bunch of people from all over the world so it was a very diverse ward. The Silverlake ward, on the other hand, is practially a ward right out of Utah. The Alief ward was in the ghetto with really poor people and the Silverlake ward is full of super nice neighborhoods right next to a lake. It is different, but I am excited to get the work rolling here! (I know Sister Howard will take care of Alief)
With the ward members, Sister Bearnson, and the Lord there is no way I can fail!
Already these past few days we have seen some miracles. On Saturday we visited a lady named Sofia who Sister Bearnson and Sister Moreno (previous sisters) had met outside a week or so before. We knocked on the door and she very excitedly invited us in and introduced us to her entire family! She is from West Africa and is super nice and welcoming. We went inside and she talked to us and then fed us this delicious meal of fish/sushi/crab meat/ these cracker things with goat cheese,and other things. It was seriously the most delicious thing. We invited her to church and talked a little about the church. She told us that a few days before she was thinking about us and she wished we would come back so she could not feel weird going to church this Sunday. :D We were there just in time and she did come to church the next day. We are going back over there on Tuesday and we are so excited for her.
A couple weeks ago Sister Bearnson and Sister Moreno baptized a 15 year old girl named Haley. Up until the point before I came the rest of the family was not interested in learning more about the church, but now we are teaching Haleys mom and she even invited us over for dinner! She is progressing and we could see her getting baptized sometime in the future.
Biking is hard, but the Lord is strengthing me. I never thought I would be able to bike all day in 90+ weather and still be positive and awake! But everyday I seem to be stronger and stronger. He is making my task possible, because we are doing his work and we are being obedient. If you want some more blessings in you life try taking out some excuses and be more obedient. Seriously it works. When we do what God asks, he promises he will bless us and he does EVERY time.
I know that God lives and he loves me. If you don't feel like he knows you then pray and ask Him. He will let you know. :) Have a great week everyone.

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