Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Angelton: Ribs Steaks and Frog Legs September 22 2014

This past week was filled with some of the most random and crazy experiences of my mission. As I was sitting here thinking of all the experiences I just started to laugh to myself (the lady next to me probably thinks I am a little crazy)

​Random sign on an investigators house! :)

First of all we went on exchanges this week and I had the opportunity to be on exchange with Hermana Ricks! She is a super awesome missionary that is actually going home in 3 days! We have been acquaintances our entire missions but it was so awesome to actually get to know her! She is like my twin... really it was weird, but it was so nice to talk to her about our goals and plans for when we go home. We have had similar strengths and weaknesses in the past so our goals were really able to be refined as we talked and made more goals. She is awesome! 

While we were on exchange we had the most random day. We drove by a former investigators house and noticed a car in the driveway I didn't recognize. I had a thought that we should stop and offer to help. I didn't know why or what they would need so we stopped the car and got out. As we approached the car I realized I had no idea who was in this car and I really had no idea why we were there... so I just said a short prayer and tried to act like I knew what was going on. We stood outside the car but the lady in the car was on her phone. We tried to wave her and even did a little dance trying to get her attention (hehe) before we knocked on the window and scared the bejeebees out of her. haah 

After talking to her for a minute we found out that this was the former investigators best friend and she was here to help her pack because her house had been foreclosed on. 

So we ended up helping pack and clean it was awesome! And we are going to go back and teach. ;) 

This was this really weird tree that we found that had these huge green alien looking things on them. Sister Reddick (the Recent convert member that was with us had no idea what it could be... ahah) They were huge and really hard.. we tried throwing them and standing on them but they wouldn't break. haha There is no end to the random things in Texas.   

Hannah Jauregui came to church again this week! She even stayed for the entire 3 hours! She loves it. :) We are so excited for her! 

So also this week we got a text message that said, "This is my new number," we had no idea who this was so we asked and found out that is was the guy that we had taught at McDonalds a couple months ago. He said he wanted to learn more so we invited him to church and he came! :) He is so cool. 6ft 5in with a fro and came in a suit and everything. haha It was a miracle and he loved church!

So also this week our investigators Ken and Regina Bishop invited us over for a Texan BBQ! We had so much food I was going to die. Steak, ribs, and the most interesting Frog legs! I have heard everyone talk about frog legs down here but I finally got to try em! They are sorta like a mix between chicken and an oyster... if that makes any sense at all. haah They are also HUGE.. at least bigger than I was expecting. I found out they only eat the big Bull Frogs so I guess that makes sense. :) hah 


Anyway, it was a great week!! Love ya'll! 
-Sister Earl

trying on hats on P-day! 

This is our GPS. If you notice the little blue car is where I am at.. and the Saltillo is where my brother Elder Earl is at!! and then my cousin Elder Earl is in Torreon! (Sorry other Sister Earl.. I couldn't get it to fit... but I love you too!!)

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