Sunday, September 14, 2014

Angleton Birthday Week September 8 2014

Howdy peoples!

This week was an absolutely amazing week!! :) Not only did we have a lot of awesome lessons with prepared people, but I was absolutely spoiled this entire week for my birthday!! :) 

For one my companion Sister McBride is adorable and made me a cake as well as put some candles on some cinnamon rolls that we had gotten from our downstairs neighbor! (Last week at the store she made me close my eyes and hold on to the cart while she picked out all the stuff to make my birthday surprises.. :) haha it was fun) 

One of our neighbors Jennifer got me a 25 dollar gift certificate to Walmart and Julie got us a gallon of Blue Bell ice cream and cinnamon rolls! (We have been sharing all these goodies with others.. not eating them all. Don't worry!!)

​Then we have gotten countless other goodies and dinner requests to celebrate. It was fun.. but lets just say birthday week in a mission is a little crazier than birthday week at home! haha I have eaten enough ice cream and cake to last me a little while. ahah (I blew out 3 sets of candles... ahah )

The best part of birthday week was the awesome success we saw in the work!! Jason Key (the guy we found last week) now has a date for the 27th of Sept and he is really excited! Bishop Whipple and their family are AWESOME fellowshippers invited us and Jason over for dinner yesterday! We had a wonderful lesson about the Restoration and the spirit was so strong. Jason was so excited and told us that he has gone to so many churches looking for one that really has the things that matter and not all the extra fluff. Bishop Whipple was able to testify that this gospel is true, and it is not the church people go to to be entertained. It contains the doctrine needed for salvation. Jason was so moved by that. He said that he doesn't believe that this was a coincidence and that he needs to move forward and feel if this is really true. 

We are so excited for him and his kids!! :) 

We also received a referral this week for a lady named Celestina Guzman. We went by with the Primary President Sister Handly and had a wonderful lesson with her and her 6 kids!! :) It was a miracle having Sister Handly there because Celest is looking for some friends in this area and Sister Handly holds a play group at her house or at other places in the community every Wednesday morning!! Celest was excited and she had so many questions that were PERFECT. She asked us, "Ok, I want a for real answer now.. So are the people in your church the kind that go to church on Sunday after partying all night the night before? Please be honest.. do ya'll really try to be Christians all the time?" 

YES!!! YES WE DO when she asked that question I testified that her Heavenly Father had lead us to talk to her today because of the desires that she has. She felt the spirit strongly and we talked about how this gospel will bless her and her family more than anything. :) She is awesome and her family will be baptized on the 3rd of October.  

That was just a few of the incredible miracles that we are seeing!! 

I love this work! I know that we are working for the best cause in the universe. God lives and he loves us so much! He knows what we need and when we need it. He will lead us to those who are prepared to hear and recognize the truth. The elect hear this message and know that it HAS to be true. It is the hope and light of the world. This is the only thing that makes all of this life worth it. 

I love it more than anything. 

Have a good one!
-Sister Earl


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